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Service Times: Sunday's at 8:30am & 10:30am

Location: 270 Apollo Beach Blvd 

Apollo Beach, FL 33572

What if you’re not who you think you are?
In week one, we dive head first into the question “what if you’re not who you think you are”. We begin to look at ourselves from God’s perspective and how sin can warp our relationship with Him. We begin to look at ourGod given identity. 
Can I Change?
Week two is all about change from the inside out. We look at the five levels of change and how each one effects the next. We study the cycles that are birthed out of change or complacency and begin to define true change. 
The Kingdom of God
For week three, we take a look at what the original design in the Garden of Eden might have been like; what it felt like, smelled like, and what could have happened there. We study the original design of the Garden to have 
perspective of how God wanted our lives to be from the very beginning.
Garden Life
The last session is all about Jesus’ ability to restore our lives back to the original design – back to garden life. We look at God’s part and our part in the relationship and His promises for us. We leave Foundations of Freedom ready to receive healing and restoration at the following Kairos event. 

 Foundations of Freedom

This is where your freedom journey will begin. Foundations of Freedom is a 4-week course designed to create a solid foundation of knowledge for your freedom experience. Below is a synopsis of each week.  


   Through Freedom Ministries, you will begin to take steps towards a life of freedom in Christ that you have never experienced before. You will begin to see things differently, process things differently, and as a result, begin to live life differently. This is not about the absence of something, but the presence of Someone – JESUS CHRIST!
Thank you for making the decision to invest your time and energy to participate in our Freedom Ministries! I’m hopeful that God has been speaking to you, and that you have been receiving His Word with an open and understanding heart.

Kairos is a two-day Freedom Ministries event, and it means “the appointed time in the purpose of God.” It’s the time when God acts. Kairos is a time for you to experience God deeper and higher. It’s a time for inner healing and breaking strongholds as well as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Kairos is designed to create a safe atmosphere for you to experience God’s healing power through worship and inner healing exercises. This event is for individuals seeking God’s presence to heal and set them free.


Join us on for an intimate event with the Father. We will take the truths we learned in Foundations of Freedom and begin to apply them to every area of our lives through personal and corporate worship, teaching times, and guided ministry exercises. 


Line Up
Line Up is all about aligning our body and soul to receive from the Father. This session is all of Friday night. We entering into the Holy of Holies and worship our Father personally and corporately. 
Clean up
In Clean Up, we talk about Generational Iniquity we began to study in Foundations of Freedom and move into Soul Ties. We discuss 
judgment, and shame and how they impact our lives.
Heal up
Heal Up dives into rejection and we discuss forgiveness and the effect it has on the health of our soul. We allow the Father to speak to us and begin to allow us to forgive people in our past and present.
Fill up
Fill Up is geared towards worship. We study how what we worship affects our lives and begin to direct our own lives. Through powerful exercises, we receive deliverance and our prayer as the Freedom Ministries team is that each person would leave with a new level of freedom and knowledge of Jesus Christ.