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Listen … Its easy to be on top of the mountain when your getting the promotions — you’re experiencing growth — everywhere you go its pats on the back — everyone loves you and appreciates you — life is moving & changing all for the better 

How about when you have been doing the same thing for months / years with very little change 
How about when your routine has turned to an absolute grind 
How about when you crave something different 
When You long for steps of improvement that breaks the cycles of what has been 
You have been faithful but you are not seeing the change you think should be happening
You have had words spoken over you but still not seeing anything come to pass
You love God / You try to read your Word … but everything feels stale

MAY 13TH, 2018

MAY 6TH, 2018

What separates 1 person from another …. what separates a slave from a daughter … what changes you from an ordinary existence on the outside to a seat at the table of the King 
Pharaoh — owned a bunch of slaves 

He was convinced that their existence was to serve him

To be a slave at work 
To be a slave at home
To have the mentality that they will never have it better than this — you will never be who you want to be — the mentality to just coop with this kind of life as the norm

When you start embracing being a daughter …. that your lot in life is not just to be everyone else servant in the house …. that there is so much more inside of you than just what others are saying … when you start to embrace I’m not inferior to others because of my gender … when you realize not only who you are but WHOS you are — you are ready to DECLARE IT — I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE KING !!