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jUNE 3RD, 2018 

 With being gone and away from my home naturally being in Missouri for an extended period of time & also understanding that we’ve been setting up and tearing down for 6 years what I kept hearing was the word  “Home” …how we need a home naturally & spiritually  

The purpose  — The value of “Home”

We Asked 2 questions during last weeks Service & I asked you to write your answers on the guest card that's in the seat back pocket right in front of you 
     1.  What do you want to experience when you walk through the doors?
     2.  What will you do to help someone experience that?

Of all the cards collected 
#1 response … Love  — Approx.  33%
#2 response … Acceptance (Sincere welcome/family exp/fellowship) —  Approx. 28%
#3 response … Presence of God (Peace, Joy, Comfort) — Approx.  16%

#4 response … Scattered answers all over the place